Frequently asked questions

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Who is Bidly made for?

Bidly is made for landlords of real estate who like to keep the financial management of their portfolio in their own hands. Bidly has made it easy to do this online. Forget endless scrolling through your bank account and manually keeping track of income in Excel. Of course you can also use Bidly if you are a property manager. No problem at all

Can I use Bidly only for residential real estate?

No, on the contrary. We have many users who use Bidly for other purposes as well, such as parking spaces, caravan storage, student housing etc. We encourage you to use Bidly for all sorts of real estate.

Are there start-up costs?

No. We don't charge start-up costs if you want to start using Bidly. As a landlord you can set up your account for free. You only start paying for Bidly if you start collecting the rent via us and we have successfully done that for you.

Is the paid rent going through the bank account of Bidly?

No. The paid rent goes through the third-party account of our payment service provider partner Online Payment Platform (OPP). Bidly will never have access to the moneyflowsbetween the landlord and the tenant. It is good to know that OPP is under supervision of the DNB and AFM.

Are there any additional costs?

No. There are no additional costs for using Bidly besides the success fee in case of collected and paid out rent to the landlord. The rest of the application can be used for free. Tenants never have to pay for the use of Bidly.

How do I log on if i have forgotten my password?

There are 2 ways to log in on Bidly in case you have forgotten your password.

1) Click on "Log in" on the website. You will now enter the login screen. Please click on "Forgot your password" (or in Dutch "Ben je je wachtwoord vergeten?) Fill in the email address that is connected to your Bidly account. We will send you a link to reset your password.

2) Click on "Log in" on the website. You will enter the login screen. Now you click on "Log in without a password". Fill out the emailaddress that linked to your Bidly account. We will send you a magic link, click on this link and you will directly enter your Bidly account.

Does Bidly have an App?

No, Bidly is at this moment not available as a native App. Bidly is only available as a so called PWA, a progressive web application.

I have forgotten my login name.

Your login name is the email address that is linked to you Bidly account. If you can't remember this or you have other issues please reach out to us by chat or send us an email to support@bidly.io , we will help you to get back on air.

I have a tip or suggestion, how can I let you know?

We love to hear from you! Tips and suggection help us a lot to improve the platform, and are more than welcome. Do you have a tip or suggestion? Or do you want to let us know what you like about the platform? Send us an email to support@bidly.io or drop us a chat via the website.

Can I add as many properties to my account as I want?

Yes. You can as many properties and tenants as you want.

Why do I have to connect my bankaccount?

We can only pay out collected rent to bankaccounts that are connected and verified. This enables to be sure that we pay out the collected rent to landlords that have been checked and verified. This is a safe idea for the tenant as wel as the landlord. Besides that itis not only safe but also required by Dutch law.

Does it matter if I rent out my properties as a private person or a legal entity?

No. You can set up a Bidly account as private person or a legal entity (BV). It is of importance to set up your account in the correct way and let us know if you sign up for Bidly whether you are a private person or a legal entity. We require a little more information the case of a legal entity such as the name of the company and the Chamber of Commerce number.

When do tenants pay via Bidly?

Tenants who pay the rent via Bidly are paying in advance for the month ahead. Around the 27th of each month the tenant will either get a payment link via a text message on his phone or we collect the money from the tenant's bank account if the tenant has chosen direct debit as payment method.

Why do I have to verify my identity?

To be allowed to use Bidly payments it is obligatory for us to know who pay out the collected rent. This is obligatory because we have to comply with Dutch law. Next to that it is good to know for your tenants the landlords on Bidly have been verified.

Is Bidly safe?

Yes. We comply with the highest safety standards. The data that is sent between you, the tenant and the platform is 356 bit encrypted and located on servers that are located on European soil.

Do I have a subscription?

No. We do not have a subscription model. If you want to stop using Bidly you can do so at any moment you like.

I have received an email with the request to select my preferred payment method, what do I do now?

That is good news to start with, because your landlord takes renting out property to you serious. Via Bidly you and your landlord have the complete overview of paid rent and deposits. You will never miss a rent payment again. Follow the steps in the email and you are good to go within the blink of an eye.

Is Bidly free for tenants?

Yes. Bidly is completely free of use for tenants. It is free now and it always will be in the future.

I am receiving text messages from Bidly, can I switch those off?

No you can not. Bidly reminds you to pay your rent on time. Pay as soon as possible and you minimize the number of messages we send to you.

Which payment methods can I choose from as a tenant?

At this moment we offer 2 payment methods.

1) If you want to pay on auto pilot you can select Direct Debit (automatisch incasso) as payment method. We will collect the money each month around the 27th and notify you 14 days in advance what amount will be collected.

2) Select iDeal if you want pay each month via a payment link that we send to you via SMS. You will be directed through to the safe and secure payment method. You need a Dutch bank account in order to be able to use iDeal. We will send you the text message around the 27th of the month to pay for the month ahead.

I have selected a payment method, when do I pay the rent?

Via Bidly you always pay the rent in advance for the coming month. So on for example the 27th of May you pay the rent for June. When you have selected iDeal you will receive a text message around the 27th of each month with a payment link to pay the rent. When you have chosen Direct Debit as preferred payment method the rent will be collected from your accounted around the 27th of each month.

Is it possible to debit my account without my permission?

No. If you have chosen direct debit as a payment method you will be asked to give a mandate. If you have successfully given a mandate to debit you can always cancel this and switch to iDeal as preferred payment method. In that case you will receive a text message with a payment link to pay the rent.