Do you rent a house? With Bidly you have the overview in one place and you'll never pay your rent to late anymore.

If you are invited by your landlord to pay the rent via Bidly you'll never have to worry again about paying  the right amount on time. We keep you updated on changes and upcoming payments. Bidly is free for tenants.

Bidly for tenants

Everything organized in one place

What does Bidly mean for you as a tenant?


Information about your landlord, contract and rent

Pay rent online

Via Bidly you simply pay your rent online via Direct Debit or iDeal.


Bidly is free for tenants

Keep track of paid deposits

Never forget the amount of deposit you paid for your rental house

Payment history

Easily export your payment history

Pay on time

Bidly sends automated payment reminders


Frequently asked questions by tenants

You got the questions, we have the answers.

I have received an email with the request to select my preferred payment method, what do I do now?

That is good news to start with, becasue your landlord takes renting out property to you serious. Via Bidly you and your landlord have the complete overview of paid rent and deposits. You will never miss a rent payment again. Follow the steps in the email and you are good to go within the blink of an eye.

Is Bidly free for tenants?

Yes. Bidly is completely free for tenants. It is free now and always will be.

I am receiving text messages from Bidly, can I switch those off?

No. Bidly reminds you to pay your rent on time via (amongst other ways) text messages. Pay as soon as possible to minimize the number of messages we send you.

Which payment methods can I choose from as a tenant?

At this moment we offer 2 payment methods.

1) If you want to pay on auto pilot you can select Direct Debit (automatisch incasso) as payment method. We will collect the money each month around the 27th and notify you 14 days in advance what amount will be collected.

2) Select iDeal if you want to pay each month via a payment link that we send to you via a text message. You will directed through to your own known, safe and secure online banking application. You do need a Dutch bank account to be able to use iDeal. We will send you the text message around the 27th of each moment to pay for the month ahead.

I have selected a payment method, when do I pay the rent?

Via Bidly you always pay the rent in advance for the coming month. So on for example the 27th of May you pay the rent for June. When you have selected iDeal you will receive a text message around the 27th of each month with a payment link to pay the rent. When you have chosen Direct Debit as preferred payment method the rent will be collected from your account around the 27th of each month.

Were we not able to answer your question? We are here to help you.

Check our FAQ page or reach out to us. We are always here and you can reach us via the helpdesk, email or fill in the contact form.