From a rent administration in Excel and manually checking transactions to an automated system that does it all for you.
In 5 minutes.

Within 5 minutes you can set up your account, add your first property and invite a tenant.

Add property

Add your first property

  1. Enter property details
  2. Add a picture
  3. Your property will be added to your portfolio
  4. You are ready to invite the tenant
Invite tenant

Invite your tenant

  1. Enter contract details
  2. Set rent amount and other costs
  3. Set deposit amount
  4. Send invite to tenant
Receive automatic payments

Your tenant sets preferred payment method

  1. Your tenant will receive an email with a request to select a preferred payment method
  2. Around the 27th of each month the tenant will receive a payment link to pay via iDeal or will be debited on his or her bankaccount
  3. From now on your tenants will pay on time and the right amount

You have your rent administration in one place

With Bidly you are in control

Online payments
Automatic payments make life easy.
In case you forget to pay the rent
Happy landlord
Your on time rent payments will increase. Less stress for you.
Our payment partner Online Payment Platform is under supervision of the AFM & DNB
With Bidly you save time for other matters
Each month you''ll receive an email with important information regarding your real estate portfolio

Do you want to get started? Get going in a few simple steps.

We charge €4 per successful transaction. No hidden fees.

Set up account

Connect your bank account to which we pay out and verify your identity.

Add first property

Add your first property to your Bidly account and set the rent.

Invite the tenant

Invite your tenant to set up his preferred payment method.

Get started with Bidly