Wat are the costs?

You pay €4,- per successful transaction

We do business on a no cure - no pay basis. No transaction, no fee. You only pay the fee once the transaction has been paid out successfully. Tenants do not have to pay for Bidly.

No start up costs

We only charge a small fee once we have successfully collected rent for you.

No fixed costs

No subscription or hidden costs.

24/7 free support

We are always there for landlords and their tenants.

Functionalities for landlords

Add infinite number of properties to your portfolio

Pay rent secure and easy online

Add infinite number of tenants

Pay rent via Direct Debit and iDeal

Overview of paid and open bills

Collect rent online via Direct Debit and iDeal

Overview of monthly rent and other costs

Free reminders in case you forget to pay the rent

Collect and return deposits

Built a payment history

Add one-off charges or discounts to a bill

Monthly email with portfolio performance

Automated (and free) payment reminders

Keep track of costs

Dashboard with important portfolio information

Functionalities for tenants

Do you want to get started? Get going in a few simple steps

We charge €4 per successful transaction. No hidden fees.

Set up account

Connect your bankaccount to which we pay out and verify your identity.

Add first property

Add your first property to your Bidly account and set the rent.

Invite the tenant

Invite your tenant to set up his preferred payment method..

Get started with Bidly
Product Roadmap

What features can you expect from Bidly in the feature?


Tracking of costs

Expected in 2021

Yield analysis

Add documents to a tenant or property

Add pictures to your properties

Individually adjusted data exports

Maintenance requests


At Bidly we are always on the move. We are continuously expanding the number of features our platform offers. Keep an eye on our website and follow us on Linkedin to stay updated. We only build features that users really like and need. We love to hear from what you would like to see or do on our platform, please make a suggestion via the button below.

Expected in 2021

Expected in 2021

Expected in 2021

Expected in 2021

Expected in 2021

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