I have received an invitation as a tenant

Read what you have to do to successfully set up your payment

Good news! You have received an email invitation from your landlord that you will be paying your rent through Bidly. Here we explain step by step what you need to do to successfully set up the payment. It only takes 2 minutes and then it's done!

How do I set my preferred payment method?

Step 1 Open the invititation in the email

Look in your inbox and look for an email from Bidly with the subject line "Invitation to set up a payment method". Also check your spam box if you can't find the email right away.

Example invitation email tenant
Step 2 Verify your telephone number

Click on the link in the mail, now you will see an overview of the monthly fees and the address you are renting. Now click on "set payment". We now ask you to verify your phone number. This way we know for sure that the SMSes arrive correctly.

Step 3 Set your preferred payment method

On this screen you can choose to set up a direct debit or pay via iDeal. We will then debit the rent around the 27th or send you an SMS with a payment link.

Choose between direct debit and iDeal

Have you chosen Automatic Debit we ask you to make a 10 cent payment. Then Bidly knows from which account they can debit the money and you, as the tenant, issue a direct debit mandate. You can always revoke this direct debit mandate in your own banking environment. If you log in to your Bidly account, you will always have insight into the (un)paid rent and security deposit, how they are composed and you can switch between payment methods if you wish.

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